Software Developement

Software development involves all the processes that are done after the conception to the development of the final product. In software development, we specify, design, program and fix the bugs in developing applications. Software is developed for personal use, to meet the needs of a particular client, which is called custom software, or to meet the needs of a set of potential users, referred to as commercial or open source software. In Embedded Software Development, the development processes and development of the physical product are embedded and System Software highlights applications and the process of programming.

Tailor made or customised

As always in developing the customised products, we give importance to the customer’s expectations and preferences. Hidden risks are taken into account and we try to minimise the costs which are generally associated with customised software. We develop customised software for players in construction, educational institutes, hospitals, retail outlets etc.


We understand customer is king and we go all out to ensure that our CRM software maintain the best relationship and interacts fully with them. Potential customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers are important and our CRM strategy updates processes and brings in more profit. Get to see your customers’ history, position of their orders, service issues- all at one place.

Product software manufacture

When we develop software as a product, we analyse and understand the market, pinpoint the viability and then market it. We have the best brains that do the designing and developing and we now take pride that we have developed and marketed a wide range of product soft wares. These, we are sure have gone a long way in meeting the needs of our customers.

Smiwa Infosol Software Developement