About Our Company

In addition to creating a new record in society, there is a sense of commitment to the work of the public interest. Since nearly 14 years of experience in the field of technology services, its founder has dedicated himself to how to make a smart look at his business in a simple and low-cost way and to the subconscious of technology.
This is an effort to streamline and make a systematic business and to directly address the use of technology simplification in the present era. So this is just the beginning...
In other words, we are committed to building a united society, not just in technology, but also in trying to make it possible for us to have some employment. That’s why we are moving forward to work. We pray to God that it will be possible with your help...

Let's find out how our organization started and its documentation, the meaning of our name and how it justifies the philosophy of our name, objectives, mission and vision. Also something about our common seal / logo .... verse
SmiwaInfosol Technologies Pvt. Ltd setup under STPI, at Balasore, Odisha, India. Now the company is gradually growing fast in our Region and inviting attention of esteemed different business entities . We have our registered office at PraharajPur, Pattamundai in Kendrapara District and corporate office at Software Technology Parks of India, Balasore District. The Trade License was obtained on 28th November 2017 and the partnership deed was executed on 04.01.2018, naming the firm “INFOSOL CONSULTANCE SERIVCES”. Subsequently, the management decided to form a company and the partnership firm name was changed to “SMIWA INFOSOL TECHNOLOGEIS PRIVATE LIMITED”. The certificate of incorporation is w.e.f 31.08.2018.

Now something more about SMIWA Infosol-- We give value to our client’s aspirations, and work as an extension of their operations. Making an impact on their business, we create the value they are looking for. We may be new, but in this short span of time we have created a niche in the market by the aim to provide the best service, adherence to cutting edge technology, and trying fully fledged to ensure client satisfaction. Driven by the best brains in the industry with more than 18+ years of experience, we follow the best of work culture and ethics. We also have with us academicians and consultants who provide the requisite guidance. The growing, list of our customers will soon have us opening new branches to cater to their needs. We are one of the fastest growing companies in our segment, who better understands that when our people are happy, we grow. Further understanding that without our clients, our work would be meaningless, we work tirelessly.

Proper planning, analysis, design, implementation-is what we do. Knowing your requirements, we fulfil them in the best possible manner. And while we move on, we are sure to include many other offerings for the benefit of our stakeholders. Under the ambit of our functioning, we provide different IT services like: -

If one thinks why the company name is such, proper thought has gone into the formation of the term SMIWA INFOSOL TECHNOLOGIES.

SMIWA stands for:

  • Software
  • Multimedia
  • Internet,Idea and information
  • Web
  • Animation and application

INFOSOL stands for

  • Information (means in computer coding and decoding as 01, 01)
  • Solution (means the solution is produced by robust processes and its ideal form reaches our customers in complete finished shape)

Our logo is formed from the concept of a Bulb and as the Bulb shows light, we bring in brightness. Thus comes our tag line- ‘STEP INTO THE LIGHT’
“By our OBJECTIVE we are working on this, so we built the MISSION. And it is only possible through strategy.” In our working, we focus on: -

Now that we are here, you don’t have to look further for your software needs. Yes, we do have VISION and we are trying to think ahead for years. Giving much importance to our R&D, we are planning for robotic at very affordable prices. So come, let’s join hands for a better tomorrow.