Bulk SMS

By SMS or Short Messaging Service, text messages can be sent through telephones, internet or other mobile device systems. Mobile devices use standard communication protocols to send these text messages. Another service can be used for the conversion of these texts to voice, that can then be sent to landlines. We at Infosol have a bulk SMS service for the benefit of our clients, who can send any numbers of SMS at a time. By this bulk SMS service, you can reach millions within seconds and this service is available in any language.


OTP stands for one time password. In OTP, a password is sent in the registered phone number for online payments or for proceeding further. The OTP has a validity, which means it can be used only for a limited period.

Transitional and promotional

Our Promotional SMS service is offered to customers, either a company or individual to promote a product, brand or service. In this short period since our starting, our customers have benefitted much by this service.